Bucketlist: My Top 10 European Cities

For as long as I can remember, I have had the itch to travel.  At first, I didn’t put much any thought into where I wanted to go; I wanted to see the whole world!  Over the past few weeks in particular I’ve been spending an unbelievable amount of time doing research on Europe and traveling in general.  How to prepare, how to pack, where to go, what to do, how to budget, transportation, etc.

Okay, if I’m being honest there still is a laundry list of places that I want to see, but after spending the last few weeks researching Europe, I have come up with a Top 10 list of cities that I want to make sure I do see when I make my way over there ( date still TBD, but it will happen ).





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I suppose it isn’t surprising to see that this city is on the list.  Venice is set on 118 tiny islands that are connected by bridges.  The twisted waterways and brick facades are unlike any other city in the world.  This historic city is slowly sinking!!!  Even though this list is in no particular order, Venice was the first one that came to mind that I have to see.

LONDON, England


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Ahhh, London!  The English accent is one of my absolute favorite sounds!  I am eager to try an English breakfast, sightsee downtown, take a ride on the London Eye and hop on one of those double-decker buses.  Even though this is one of the most expensive cities, it is one I am most looking forward to.

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands


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Yes, Amsterdam is famous for it’s red light district.  Even though I do want to see what that is all about, it is not the main reason why I want to visit.  Amsterdam is the “Venice of the North,” even though it has a very different look from the Italian Venice.  I would love to hire a bike and roam the streets in search of the best cup of coffee or maybe even an ice cream!



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Budapest, not unlike Prague ( see below ), is renowned for it’s architecture.  I mean, just look at the parliament building!!  The city, though admittedly gorgeous during the day, looks just as beautiful at night.  Many buildings and even bridges are illuminated by lights at nightfall.



( source )

OH MY GOSH!  Doesn’t it just look like a postcard?  I can’t believe that a place like this actually exists, it looks too perfect!  All of those colors, hikes, and going for a swim.  Yes please!!

DUBLIN, Ireland


( source )

You can’t go to Ireland without having a beer, and I don’t even like beer!  I am excited to go on a pub crawl in Dublin.  There are beautiful parks, cobbled streets, and I would love to make a stop at the Guinness Storehouse.



 ( source )

Not just Edinburgh, but really the entirety of Scotland.  What other reason would I need to visit other than Harry Potter locations?!??!?  The Edinburgh Castle is the top attraction ( which I would love to see ), but I am excited to explore a suburb called Leith, which has many bars and restaurants.

MOSTAR, Bosnia & Herzegovina


( source )

This is the one that surprised me the most out of any of these cities.  After doing some searching, this is one of the ( top 3 ) cities that I am eager to see.  It just looks unlike any other European city that I have researched.  Tourism hasn’t reached this country just yet, so I would like to go before the waves roll in!

BERLIN, Germany


( source )

The two most exciting attractions of Berlin ( to me ) are the Holocaust Memorial and the Berlin Wall.  There is SO much history within this city.  I am also looking forward to trying a multitude of German dishes!!!

PRAGUE, Czech Republic


( source )

Prague is known for it’s architecture.  What is fascinating about this city it that there is such a contrast between the old and the new.  One of the most well known buildings in the city is the Dancing House, which has a slightly warped appearance.  As I mentioned in my first blog post, I switched my major from Microbiology to Architecture ( after completing 3+ years of it ! ) for a short period so I am compelled to visit!

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel only read a page.”

– St. Augustine


3 responses to “Bucketlist: My Top 10 European Cities

  1. If we go back to Germany next summer, Venice is only 6.5 hours away by car! And Prague is 3.5! And Berlin is 5! And Amsterdam is 6! Clearly the answer is for you to make us your home base for your travels. We can hook you up for places to stay in Berlin and Amsterdam. And I want to come with you to Venice!

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