How To: Use Instagram As An Inspirational Tool

So, for those of you who don’t know, I am only mildly OBSESSED with Instagram.  I’m embarrassed to even consider how long I have spent looking at accounts and finding people who inspire me.  That’s why I use it:  to inspire others and to be inspired.

I used to think that social media was just for my friends and I ( which is still true ), but I didn’t realize that it can be used to get to know others, even overseas.  I follow a bunch of accounts from Australia, the UK, Sweden, and USA.

I always love to find new accounts, so I thought I would share with you a few of my favorites!  Additionally, if they have blogs, I will include the links to those as well.  Enjoy!

1.  Sjana Elise Earp

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 7.46.31 AM

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Sjana ( pronounced “SEE-AH-NAH” ) describes herself in her Instagram bio: “19yrs, Aussie, Adventure seeking, sunshine eating, happy being, yoga doing, travel & lifestyle photojournalist.”  She has THEE longest legs I’ve ever seen!  She is an incredible yogi and apparently lives in a bikini!  I love her attitude.  She post not only gorgeous photos, but also incredible advice, YouTube how-to’s for yoga, and her own writings.  She is definitely one of my favorites, go check her out!

Instagram: @sjanaelise

Blog/website: Sjana

2. Brooke Saward

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 7.51.20 AM

( source )

Brooke describes herself in her Instagram bio: “23, Aus x Berlin… Full time travel blogger.”  Personally, I think it is too short of a description for how amazing I think she is!!  She has such an INCREDIBLE and inspiring story.  She began traveling overseas when she was 13, and has had the travel bug ever since!  Last year, she sold EVERYTHING she owned and packed what remained in a suitcase.  On the day she graduated University, she bought a one-way ticket to London and has been traveling non-stop ever since!!!  Did I mention that she is traveling solo???  What a life!  I absolutely love watching her travels.  On her website, she post reviews and advice for those who travel / want to travel!  Needless to say, I am pretty sure I have read every blog post.  Thanks Brooke!

Instagram:  @worldwanderlust

Blog/website: World of Wanderlust


3.  Kayla Itsines

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 7.57.47 AM

( source )

I mean, I’ve already said how much I am in love with her here!  She is amazing!! Her workouts are so intense, and I am in better shape because of her.  Just look at her body!! She is also an Aussie.  I tend to follow them, don’t I?

Instagram:  @kayla_itsines

Blog/website: Kayla Itsines

4.  Amanda Bisk

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 8.03.44 AM

( source )

Umm, hi!  She is so flexible, she is like a rubber band!  Her Instagram is either her incredible yoga poses in beautiful places or her exercising.  She is a former Australian pole vaulter, but was diagnosed with chronic fatigue, so she choose to imagine that there could be a life beyond athletics.  She has found happiness when she thought she couldn’t.  It is the perfect Instagram for the health nut, yoga inspiration, or just looking at a beautiful human being.

Instagram:  @amandabisk

Blog/website:  Amanda Bisk

5.  Emma Carey

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 8.45.19 AM

( source )

Emma Carey!  She also has a truly inspiring story.  She describes herself in her Instagram bio:  “The girl who fell from the sky.  21.  Aussie.  Blessed beyond words.”  Emma ( left ) and her best friend Jemma ( right ) were vacationing in Europe when they decided to go skydiving.  They didn’t realize that this day would change their lives forever.  As they were descending, Emma’s parachute didn’t open properly.  She plummeted to the ground.  She became a paraplegic, and was told that she would never walk again.  She is so strong and so inspirational.  She did, in fact, learn how to walk again!  Jemma has been there, supporting her and loving her.  I love these two!  ( Aren’t their teeth flawless, too?! )

Instagram:  @em_carey / @jemmrdak

Blog/website:  Emma Carey’s Tumblr

6.  Izabel Goulart

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 8.36.56 AM

( source )

Yeah so if I could just have her body..!  She is a Brazilian model and it goes without saying that she is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS.  She has really changed the face of modeling.  Thank you, Iza, for showing people that models are not all unhealthily skinny, but being fit and active is beautiful too.  And just look at her little pup, Harlow is so freaking adorable!

Instagram:  @iza_goulart

7.  Kristin Sundberg

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 8.41.26 AM

( source )

Kristin is a Swedish fashion blogger.  I am obsessed with her clothes!  She is great at layering and creating comfortable but very fashionable outfits.  I’ve found that she posts things that I wouldn’t think look good together, but really do work!  She has a gorgeous apartment, which makes cameos into her Instagram and her blog.  Love her!

Instagram:  @kristinsundberg

Blog/website:  By Kiki

8.  Bex

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 8.27.42 AM

( source )

Hello world, meet Bex!  She describes herself in her Instagram bio: “23 y/o English girl traveling the world and absorbing as much beauty as I can.  She and her boyfriend have been saving for four years to travel the world!  They just left and have started their journey in Thailand.  Her photos are gorgeous!  She offers a lot of advice and even has another Instagram for her illustrations.  She is a beautiful soul and a kind hearted person.  Check her out and follow her adventures!

Instagram:  @thehealthytraveller / @rebeccaillustrates

Blog/website:  Scramble Blog

9.  Julie Sarinana

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 8.31.48 AM

( source )

Julie!  If I could just live in her closet I would be happy as a clam!  She describes herself in her Instagram bio: “Creative type.  Dreamer.  Believer.  Achiever.  Ice cream enthusiast and globe trotter.”  She posts a bunch of her outfits ( which a constantly find myself searching online ) and you can follow her feel all over the globe!  And can we all just agree that she is absolutely gorgeous too?!

Instagram:  @sincerelyjules

Blog/website:  Sincerely JulesShop Sincerely Jules

What Instagram accounts do you follow?  Which are you favorites?


One response to “How To: Use Instagram As An Inspirational Tool

  1. I feel like in every blog post you make, I learn something new about you and then about what you are discussing. I love it! Thank you for sharing. xoxo



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