Niagara Falls, NY, USA

I’ve always loved seeing natural wonders throughout the world.  It doesn’t have to be anything notably spectacular, but anything from the Redwood Forest, waterfalls, canyons, horizons, to mountains and their ranges, you get the idea.

This past summer I was lucky enough to visit Niagara Falls for the first time.  I was visiting some of Derek’s family for a few days and we made a quick day trip to the falls.  It was super hot that day, and the constant mist near the falls felt soothing on my burnt skin.

We were on the USA side of the falls, so we had a bit of a sideways angle, but we were very close to the falls!


This photo makes me LOL!!!  We were posing for a picture and this guy walks SO slow, right through the frame.  I mean, it took a solid three seconds for him to walk from one side of the frame to the other.  I know that doesn’t seem like that long, but while we are posing, smiling, and waiting, that took AGES.  The look on my face describes how I was feeling, to say the least.

We eventually got a good photo after cracking up at my face for a bit, but here we go:


Shirt // Nordstrom . Sport crop // Lulu Lemon . Derek’s shirt // The North Face



It looked like we weren’t the only ones enjoying the falls:



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