How To: Survive A Snow Day Without Losing Your Mind

If you’re living on the East Coast, you’ll know what I mean when I say it’s fricken COLD outside!!!  This past week, most of the DC metro area shut down and gave us all snow days.  Heck.  Yes.

In theory, snow days are the bomb dot com.  But if you aren’t careful, you can end up sitting on your backside watching film after film ( which, admittedly, I’ve done ) and before you know it you’ve wasted the whole day.  This is great every once in a while, but I start to get cabin fever real quick if I do the whole I’m snowed in / don’t do anything combo.

So ( since I had some time on my hands ) I thought I’d share my top 10 things to do if you’ve got a snow day!

1.  Board games, duh


I’m telling you, nothing is better than putting down the remote and playing a good ol’ board game.  Derek and I have a deck of cards and Scrabble in our apartment.  We play Scrabble a few times a week!  I love that it’s a challenge, it keeps my mind working, and I am learning new words!  Plus, I am working on being a better loser ( sorry, Derek! 🙂 ).

2.  Clean your apartment / house

Yes, it’s not my first choice either.  BUT.  I absolutely love being in a clean space.  It almost sneaks up on me, like I don’t realize that the place is getting dirty until “oh my heck why are we living in a pig pen get the vacuum I can’t live here anymore!!!” runs through my mind.  Then I tend to go a little crazy and clean every surface and crevice I can find.  It would probably be better if I just kept up on this on a more regular basis, but then I would deny myself the joy of getting so much done in one day.  Makes sense?  I didn’t think so!

3.  Stretch

Whether you are trying to do the splits or not, being cooped up in a house all day means you can’t move around like you normally would.  Especially if you’re a committed movie-watcher, stretch as you watch!  Your muscles will thank you later.

4.  Meal prep or bake

This is something that I need to get back into the habit of doing.  I love prepping my meals for the week!  You could make hamburger patties, lasagna, chicken breast, stir fry, all sorts of things.  This way, when I’m hungry during the week I don’t have to spend time cooking and just stuff my face.  Instant gratification at it’s finest!  If you have more of a sweet tooth or just don’t want to meal prep, you could always do some baking.  Watch your favorite film while you do it!

5.  Wash your workout shoes


This seems a bit silly, but how often do you wash your workout shoes???  I used to never do it, but now I do.  Wipe off excess dirt if it’s there, tie your laces, toss some old towels or rags in with your shoes and start the washing machine.  They come out looking brand spanking new.

6.  Go through your closet

Out with the old, in with the new!  For me, there is always something that I could get rid of in my closet.  I tend to hang onto things because I like the color, pattern, style, etc even if I don’t wear it anymore.  Time to let it go ( Frozen, anyone? ) and make some more space for yourself, or even make room for a few new items.

7.  Read a good book


Because, when was the last time that you read for pleasure??  For me, I lost the desire ( and the time ) to read for pleasure during college.  I have started it up again and I forgot how much I loved it.  I’m not talking reading on a Kindle or anything, get yourself and actual book and turn the pages.

8.  Do a home workout

Even if it is just 10 minutes.  Get active!  Use your bodyweight:  pushups, plyometrics ( jumping ), ab exercises, lunges, squats, handstands, etc.

9.  Plan your wedding ( sorry, guys! )

This is a huge reason of why I have been absent from my blog for the past month.  I have been spending a lot of time planning, budgeting, designing, organizing, deciding, traveling, and everything in between for my wedding in July.  I knew that weddings were a lot to take on, but I had no idea just how much thought goes into each part of it.  So even if you’re with someone or you aren’t, you can start looking at Pinterest and get a feel for what you like or don’t like.  Even just having an opinion is helpful ( ahem, Derek ).

10.  Reorganize!

Your kitchen.  Your coat closet.  Your bathroom storage.  Anything!  I didn’t realize that Derek and I were using the coat closet as storage for all of our random tidbits and loose items until I had a super intense cleaning day a while back.  I made it my job to find every little bit a proper home.  Since then, I have been more conscious about where I am putting all those little items so they don’t start to clutter and gather in random places.

I know that a lot of these may seem a bit OCD ( and truth be told, they probably are ), but these are just a few ways to still get things accomplished while trapped within your own home.  In theory, sitting and watching movies while drowning in blankets and hot cocoa sounds nothing short of a holiday.  After a day ( or even days ) like that, I start to feel really crappy about myself.

So get going!  Fix, create, rearrange, reorganize!  I’m telling you from experience, you’ll love how you feel even if you just get one thing accomplished on a snow day.

I’ve been so busy this past month.  I travelled to Oregon, was extremely busy planning my wedding, and I even came down with the flu.  I am picking blogging back up now that I am ( mostly ) healthy again!


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