Wedding Wisdom: The 7 Things You Need To Budget For


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Wedding season is just getting underway!  I absolutely LOVE wedding season.  It marks a time of true happiness and love ( not to mention a little summer sun ) and I am so excited to be taking part in it this year!  I thought that I would make a little “Wedding Series” here and tell all of you how I am planning, what to budget for, and some tips and tricks that I am learning along the way!

For the first part of this series, I want to talk about the few major things that you should budget for.  Obviously, each of these vary person-to-person, but I think we can all agree that these will take up the biggest portion of the wedding budget.

Something that Derek and I did was make a list of what was really important to us.  We wanted to find out where we felt it was best to splurge and where we could save.  As much as we want to save save save ( did I mention save? ) we also wanted the wedding to look nice, be enjoyable, and be able to remember the day with gorgeous photos.


Weddings shouldn’t all be about the money being spent.  But if you can have a great wedding on an even greater budget, why not get excited about that?! 😉


Not every wedding serves a meal.  Some weddings serve appetizers and little bits to get you through the reception.  However, even the cost of appetizers and hor d’oeuvres add up pretty quick!  When I was deciding what I wanted to do, I took the time of day into account.  Since the ceremony is going to be happening at five in the afternoon, the reception will be happing during the usual “dinner time.”  Just remember that caterers and venues charge in different ways: per 25 guests, per 50 guests, a head count on the wedding day, etc.  Make sure you pay attention to which one you are signing up for!


The venue for the ceremony and reception also came as a bit of a surprise ( I didn’t know much about the cost of weddings until I started planning my own ).  My piece of advice is to talk to people you know!  I am fortunate enough to have gotten a deal on my venue as it used to be my family’s business.  Think outside the box!

Do you need to have a rehearsal dinner venue?  Will my wedding really be that much better at the more expensive venue?


This is where Derek and I decided to put a little bit more money.  We decided that we wanted to remember our wedding with gorgeous photos.  So we found a great photographer ( with some spectacular help from Kalee ) who is part of a great company called Powers Studios.  They are based out of Portland ( which is where my wedding is taking place ) and they have a great portfolio of their work.  I’ve met with our photographer and I am SO excited to see how the photos will turn out.


This was another thing that Derek and I decided was important to us.  “What do you want people to remember after they’ve walked away from your wedding?”  I want people to remember how much fun it was and how joyous the evening was.  We want people to eat, dance, and love the night.  We didn’t want people to be sitting ( too much ) and not dance the night away with us.  We made sure we found a good DJ who will keep the good beats going.  The last thing we want is for some bad songs to clear the dance floor!

Apparel (dress/tux)

This is one that also varies from person-to-person pretty drastically.  If you’ve ever watched “Say Yes To the Dress” you often see dress budgets to upwards of $10,000.  UMMMM I don’t have money for that!  So I decided that this actually wasn’t that important to me.  I wanted something simple, flattered my body shape, and white.  Yep.  I was pretty easy to please!  I chose the first dress I tried on, the least expensive, and my absolute favorite.  I guess you could say I got pretty lucky! 🙂



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This is something that I am going to be able to save a little money on.  I decided that the flowers I am going to put on the table are going to be flowers that I am cutting from my family ( thanks guys! ) and wild flowers.  Things that I can get for free.  Who doesn’t love free?!  I may be spending some money on bouquets, I haven’t ironed out this yet!


This also will vary a bit from person-to-person.  We haven’t ironed out the exact figures or what we are offering, but we have decided to offer beverages to our guests.  As the wedding is in my hometown, it should be fairly easy for guests to find designated drivers.  If the wedding was on location somewhere else, this might be a different story!  You have to decide what you want, what fits in your budget, and what you want / don’t want to offer.

There is a lot more that goes into a wedding, but these are the things that take up the most of the budget.  There are always ways to save money:  borrow, craft, and budget!

What have you had to budget for?  Are there any other big expenses that you think should be on the list?


2 responses to “Wedding Wisdom: The 7 Things You Need To Budget For

  1. Ahhh im so exited for you both! Also to go with pictures I personally think video is a big one to spend on. It helps capture your big day so you can watch it over and over again and see things you might not remember the day of. 😄


    • I love that you mentioned that!!! YES that is a huge thing to budget for if you decide to include it. I’ve heard that photos are great but nothing lets you relive the day quite like a video 🙂 xx


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