Oregon Explored: Abiqua Falls

I just spent a week in Oregon to do a bunch of wedding planning!  While that was a blast ( and quite stressful! ) I spent a morning hiking to a waterfall.  One of the most famous waterfalls in Oregon:

Abiqua Falls.


About 5 years ago, unless you were from the surrounding Portland area, no one really knew about it.  It used to be a local secret of sorts.  Since we have seen exceptional social media growth over the past five years, so has the popularity of this spot and the beautiful photo opportunities it provides.

I hiked with my brother, Brandon.  He is one of the best waterfall and nature photographers I’ve ever seen.  Check out his Instagram at @brandon__mcc.

It’s about a 45 minute drive from my hometown, Molalla.  Then it’s about a half a mile hike down and along the water to the falls.


We reached the 92 foot waterfall at about 8:30 AM.  Earlier in the morning is the best time to visit if you’re interested in getting crisp and clean photos.  The waterfall sits in a basin, so once the sun spills into it it becomes difficult to capture the lighting just right.




After you hike to the bottom on the falls, you have the option to hike to the top as well.  You have to either walk or drive back towards the main road to find the bit of red tape that marks the small trail that leads to the top of the falls.



All photos were taken by Brandon ( except for the photos of Brandon’s gorgeous backside ).


Location:  Scotts Mills, Oregon

Directions:  Take Crooked Finger Road past Camp Dakota.  Once you see a brown sign, take that road. At this point, the road is unpaved gravel forest service roads.

Tips:  If you go in the morning, bring layers!  It’s chilly at first, but as the sun rises and fills the basin it warms up.  Make sure you drive a car that is capable of a bit of off-roading, as the service roads can be a bit bumpy.  Wear good walking shoes as the trail is steep at points.

Enjoy the falls!


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