I Have A Nike Problem

Hi my name is Melissa and I have a severe obsession with Nike.

There!  I said it!  They say that the first step to overcoming addiction is admitting that you have a problem.  I admit it!  I have an addiction to Nike athletic apparel and it is appalling.

It’s been going on for so many years I’ve lost count.  The truly wonderful ( and slightly awful ) thing about this is that Nike clothes don’t ever go out of fashion.  At least, that is how I have justified the last five years of purchases.  The problem only worsened once I started athletics at a Nike-sponsored school…  needless to say, when I moved across the country, I had to leave some of my precious athletic clothes behind.

Let’s take a look at just how bad this is:











Considering how bad this already is, bear in mind that this isn’t including all of my Nike golf apparel and shoes, dirty clothes, and I was wearing Nike while shooting this.  Also, when I moved across the country, I had to leave behind some of my workout clothes too, because I had to fit everything I owned ( and everything Derek owned, too ) into my car!  I am actually very impressed with my shoe collection here, because this isn’t even half of it.  I used to be into Air Force 1’s… none of those are here.  I also left duplicate pairs of shoes at home.

The white and orange shoes?  Two of those.  White running shorts?  Four of those.  I left all sorts of running shorts back home.  It makes me so sad!  Also, some of my things were stolen, too.  So.  Mad.

But yes.  This is what I have with me.  It’s a problem.  I forgot to include the sweat pants I have here too, but you get the idea.  I can’t even say how comfortable I find these clothes!

Also, this kept happening:

He just wanted to be included, too!


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